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Tax Strategies

Proactive Tax Strategies to Reduce Your Tax Exposure

Most people choose a reactive approach to minimizing taxes, not the other way around. At Trailblazer Wealth, we ensure our clients are educated on all the benefits available to them within the tax code and help them reduce their annual and final obligations to the federal government.

Company Stock Planning and Management

Trailblazer Wealth offers comprehensive advice for individuals with company stock. Our team can help you take advantage of stock incentive plans, including non-qualified stock options (NQSO), incentive stock options (ISO), restricted stock units (RSU), and employee stock purchase plans (ESPP).

Charitable Giving Planning Strategies

Trailblazer Wealth helps clients balance tax efficiency with their philanthropic objectives. We often uncover hidden opportunities that magnify and enhance what clients ultimately provide as a legacy to the charities of their choice.