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Our Financial Planning Process

We start every new client engagement with a carefully thought out and vetted financial plan.

Our first two meetings are complimentary as they give us time to understand your situation and make sure that we are a good fit.

Step 1 /5

We like to start our first meeting with the question of "Why are we here today?" Our focus is to learn where you are at with your finances, where you have been, and where you are trying to go. Once we are able to understand your goals and objectives we can begin to prepare a proposal of the ways that we can help. 

Step 2 /5

Our second meeting is an opportunity for us to present you with our proposal. The proposal will detail what we heard your objectives were from our first meeting, our observations based on what you told us and the data that we reviewed, then ultimately the ways that we see that we can add value. We will detail the scope of our work together moving forward and the flat fee for that work.

Step 3 /5

Our third meeting will focus on gathering all of the data that we need to complete your financial plan. We will be gathering the subjective and objective information that pertains to your financial situation. We will help you gather statements, tax returns, budgets, employee benefit details, and any other important items. 

Step 4 /5

In this step, we work on reviewing your current financial arrangements projected out into the future and stress test your situation. From there we start testing various alternative scenarios to see how they impact your financial situation and start moving you closer to your goals and objectives. Ultimately we end with a final written document containing your objectives, our observations, and our recommendations. Also, included will be our implementation schedule and action plan for our recommendations and the best plan forward. 

Step 5 /5

The final step is the ongoing monitoring and working through implementing your financial plan. We work with other advisors to assure that your plan is completed completely and properly. As much as we work to build a wide encompassing financial plan we also know that things can change over time and it is important to continue to review your situation on an ongoing basis. Many of our clients retain us to continue working with them after the initial financial plan has been completed. This work often involves the direct management of our clients' investments and insurance.