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Retirement Planning

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When will you be able to retire comfortably?
  • Will you run out of money too early after you retire?

Our wealth planning will help you answer these questions and more – helping you create and follow a map that will put you on the path toward total financial independence.

Trailblazer Wealth will help you identify what your retirement objectives are. We help you by running models, which will be predicted by your specific financial independence objectives. These models will do the following:

  • Determine your asset and cash flow needs for your future financial independence
  • Determine the probability that you will be able to meet your lifestyle and financial goals – multiple scenarios will be run, and factors such as inflation, rates of return, and savings rates will be considered. The analysis will provide a "stress test" for the impact of risk and volatility at work against your objectives. From this we can show you alternatives and the impact of those alternatives for obtaining your objectives.
  • Create a year-by-year, line-by-line detail of projected income, assets, taxes, and estate taxes – including each year into the future
  • Starting with your current assets, income, and expense structure, we will show you your current value surplus or deficit. If you have a deficit, we will show you how much needs to be saved and what rates of return need to be achieved to make up for that deficit.

After determining the amount you need to invest in, giving you the highest probability of achieving your financial independence, we will give you the proper education about each strategy. Once you decide which strategy will benefit you the most, we will help you implement it, and together we will create the wealth structure – making sure they both are completed. We monitor your wealth's progress regularly.