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Investment Management

Obtaining financial information is easy – determining the right mixture of asset classes, tax efficiency, and risk tolerance are hard. Each wealth plan we create is tailored to your specifications and designed to focus on the objectives that are important to you, like retirement or even charitable planning strategies.

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Retirement Planning

Our wealth planning will help you answer these questions and more – helping you create and follow a map that will put you on the path toward total financial independence.

Trailblazer Wealth will help you identify what your retirement objectives are. We help you by running models, which will be predicted by your specific financial independence objectives.

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Estate Planning

Trailblazer Wealth will help you determine what your specific estate planning objectives are. We will review each beneficiary designation for your retirement accounts and life insurance policies to ensure they correspond with your current wishes. We also help you create the estate plan that will help pay taxes, protect assets, and define guardians for minor children.

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Tax Strategies

We work with you and your tax advisor to minimize tax exposure. Most clients choose a more proactive approach to reducing taxes, not the other way around. We ensure our clients are educated on all the benefits available to them within the tax code and help them reduce their annual and final obligations to the federal government.

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Business Ownership & Succession

Trailblazer Wealth strives to help clients maintain success in the business industry while protecting themselves against the risks associated with having most of their assets tied up in the business entity (their life's work).

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Insurance & Risk Management

Taking out an insurance policy on your life can provide your heirs with the funds they need to pay the expenses of settling your estate without dipping into the assets. It may also help replace any income that your family may lose due to your death.

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Employee Benefits

Business Owners need to attract and retain employees. Creating an employee benefits program to help facilitate employee retention and help employees achieve their own financial success. 

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Executive Consulting

Executive Consulting delivers a personalized, yet consistent, planning method to corporations with executives housed across the US.  Our team works collaboratively to assist executives accomplish their financial objectives including maximizing corporate benefits (including when appropriate stock options and capital accounts), developing effective retirement accumulation and distribution strategies, reducing taxes, leaving a legacy to heirs and charity, etc. 

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