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Executive Consulting

Trailblazer Wealth's executive consulting allows a company to provide a value-added benefit(s) to key executives, which includes the shareholder-employees of closely-held corporations, without including other employees.

Executive consulting can give companies the edge in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding key executives – those who make the business most profitable. Executive consulting can be used in any business – large or small.

Executive consulting has its advantages – both to the company and key executives. Unlike most employee benefit plans (like pension or profit-sharing plans), benefits can be provided on a discriminatory basis. Therefore, plans can benefit key executives without the (sometimes) prohibitive cost of covering a layer group of employees. This can provide benefits beyond the limits allowed in qualified plans.

Most executive compensation plans can also be highly customized, which allows the employer to provide different benefits for different individuals, all of which are based on company and individual objectives.